About Government Services
The Governance Framework
Our Strategic Plan and Our Board

Our Purpose:

We strengthen our sovereignty, safety, fairness and independence.

We help people be self-sufficient.

In September 2020, the leadership of Opaskwayak Government Services Branch  met for a Strategic Planning Session. Here are the results.

“This is my community and it’s important to me that the people feel safe and supported as they go about their day.”

Our Forecast for the Future

by Summer 2023

We are moving steadily toward sovereignty and independence, increasingly being recognized as a Nation and governing ourselves and our natural resources as a Nation. Our legal, policy and governance structure meets the community’s needs socially and economically and furthers the community’s objectives in financial administration, land codes, elections and more. 

We are becoming the hub of the North, providing member services to our community and surrounding communities and being adequately resourced to meet the needs.

We are a safer and more peaceful community. We are reducing the drug trade that is destroying our culture and threatening the future of our youth. The community can depend on us because we have the right complement of fire, safety and animal control personnel, with the right training and equipment to meet the community’s needs. We are positive role models for our youth and we are active in community events.

Government Services branch is welcoming and positive. We offer services in Cree. We deal with people from all walks of life at important moments in their lives and we are helpful and compassionate. We are knowledgeable and solution focused. We know how to handle most situations and if we don’t, we ask. We make difficult decisions for the community and we do it fairly and with empathy.

We are grounded by the seven sacred teachings. We keep prayer and spirit in the workplace and we honour ceremonies and traditions.

We help each other and work well together as a team. We are proud and purposeful in our work.

We laugh and keep humour. We are calm, cool and collected. We leave home life and baggage out of the office, but we ask for, offer, and use supports like employee assistance programs to help stay well.

We are forgiving and compassionate to all Opaskwayak staff and we don’t hold grudges.

We are trained and certified for the work we do and we stay up to date and relevant through professional development. New staff have an orientation and know the policies and procedures.

It is our role to be involved in the branch and to communicate through informal chats, meetings and  more.  We are role models at work and out in the community. We represent Government Services Branch and we speak on behalf of our work and our team. We are positive about Opaskwayak and the future.

About the Government Services Board

Government Services Branch Board Members

  • Maureen Brown Portfolio Holder
  • Vincent Sinclair
  • Sandra Harris
  • Norman McKenzie
  • Mike “Riverside” Bignell
Appointed by: Chief and Council
Term of Office: 2 years, in alignment with Opaskwayak election cycle.